Day 174
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Day 174

More Calendar History for the time line--
Sept. 14,  1901 Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th President of 
the United States.
Sept.22, 1903 Italo Marchiony invented the Ice Cream Cone.
Sept. 27, 1904 A woman was arrested for smoking a cigarette in New York City.
Sept. 24, 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt established Devils Tower in
 Wyoming as the 1st National monument.
Sept. 26, 1907 New Zealand became a self governing dominion within
the British Commonwealth.
Sept. 9, 1908 Orville Wright made the 1st flight that exceeded 1 hour.
Sept. 9, 1908 New York Mounted Police went on duty for the 1st time.
Sept. 12, 1910 Alice Stebbins Wells, the 1st Woman Police Officer in the U.S.,
was sworn in by the Los Angeles Police Department.
Sept. 22, 1911 Cy Young, baseball's winningest pitcher, won his
511th and last game.
Sept. 10, 1913 A campaign started for the 1st Coast-to-coast paved road.
Called the Lincoln Highway, it was finished in 1925.
Sept. 1, 1914 Martha, the last passenger pigeon, died at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Sept. 16,1919 Thomas Edison explained in a letter that he and his assistants
worked in the lab about 18 hours each day.
Sept. 28, 1919 New York beat Philadelphia, 6-1, in the shortest nine-inning
 major League baseball game. It lasted just 51 minutes.
Sept. 4, 1920 The 1st Boy Scout Rally was held in London.
Sept. 8, 1921 Margaret Gorman became the 1st Miss America at age 15;
 she's still the youngest over crowned.
Sept. 13, 1922 Al' Azizyah, Libya, recorded an all-time high of 136.4° F
In the shade.
Sept. 16, 1926 Charles Lindbergh parachuted safely in Ottawa, Ill.,
when his airmail plane ran out of gas.
Sept. 26, 1926 The St. Louis Browns beat the NY Yankees in the shortest
 Nine-inning American League Baseball Game. It lasted 55 minutes.
Sept. 6, 1927 The Harlem Globetrotters were organized.
Sept. 10, 1927 Hot Dogs in zipper casings appeared in butcher shops.
Sept. 30, 1927 Babe Ruth hit his record-setting 60th home run of the
season in New York's Yankee Stadium. The record lasted 34 years.
Sept. 4, 1929 The Graf Zeppelin completed the only round-the-world
trip by an airship.
Sept. 24, 1929 James H. Doolittle made the 1st "blind" airplane flight,
relying entirely on automatic instruments.
Sept. 7, 1936 Boulder Dam, now known as Hoover Dam, began operation.
Sept. 8, 1930 The comic strip "Blondie" 1st appeared.
Sept. 17, 1930 New York governor Alfred E. Smith laid the Cornerstone
 for the Empire State Building.
Sept. 11, 1936 The Story of Ferdinand was published.
Sept. 18, 1937 Nighttime skywriting was displayed for the 1st time.
Sept. 21, 1937 J.R.R. Tolkien published The Hobbit.
Sept. 27, 1937 The 1st Santa Claus School opened.
Sept. 23, 1938 A time capsule, to be opened in 5,000 years was buried on
 the grounds of the New York World's Fair.
Sept. 1, 1939 World War II began when Germany invaded Poland.
Sept. 12, 1940 The Lascaux Cave Paintings in France were discovered
by four boys and a pet dog.
Sept. 14, 1940 Congress passed the Selective Service and Training Act,
 providing for the 1st peacetime Draft in U.S. History.
Sept. 18, 1947 The U.S Air Force was created as a separate department.
Sept. 13, 1948 Margaret Chase Smith was elected to the U. S. Senate,
 becoming the 1st woman to serve in both houses of Congress.
Sept. 15, 1949 The 1st Computer Calculation of PI was made.
Sept. 20, 1951 The Boeing B-47 stratojet became the 1st Jet to cross
 the North Pole.
Sept. 6, 1954 Groundbreaking ceremonies were held in shipping port,
 PA for the world's 1st Nuclear Power Plant.
Sept. 19, 1957 The U.S. bathyscaphe Trieste reached a record depth
 of 3.200 meters.
Sept. 19, 1957 The U.S. conducted its 1st Underground Nuclear Test.
Sept. 24, 1957 President Dwight Eisenhower dispatched U.S. troops
to Little Rock, Ark., to enforce school integration.
Sept. 7, 1958 Mary Davis set the Women's record for nonstop talking-
110 hrs. 30 min., 5 sec.-on a New York radio Station.
Sept. 30, 1958 The frisbee was patented.
Sept. 12, 1959 The USS R's LUNA 2 was launched. It became the
1st space probe to land on the moon.
Sept. 22, 1961 The Peace Corps became the permanent agency
of the U.S. government.
Sept. 8, 1960 Am track Star Wilma Rudolph won her third
gold medal of the Rome Olympics.
Sept. 24, 1960 The USS Enterprise, the 1st Atomic-powered aircraft
 carrier, was launched.
Sept. 30, 1960 "The Flintstones" debuted on television.
Sept. 9, 1963 A Giant Panda was born in captivity for the 1st time.
Sept. 30, 1963 A Gereuk (a member of the antelope family)
was first born in the U. S.
Sept. 10, 1964 Lenore Modell, age 14, became the youngest swimmer
to cross the English Channel.
Sept. 8, 1966 The 1st "Star Trek" episode aired.
Sept. 1, 1968 The 1st School for professional Clowns opened in
Venice, FL. Skills taught include juggling, stilt walking, and pantomime.
Sept. 21, 1969 Steve O'Neal of the New York Jets kicked the longest punt-
98 yards-in a professional football game.
Sept. 8, 1971 The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
 opened in Washington, D.C.
Sept. 15, 1971 The Forest service introduced Woody Owl and
 the slogan "Give a Hoot; Don't Pollute.
Sept. 4, 1972 U.S. swimmer Mark Spitz won his 7th Gold Medal at the
Munich Olympics, becoming the 1st person to win that many in a single
Sept. 12, 1974 Shirley Temple, former child movie star, became
U.S. ambassador to Ghana.
Sept. 22, 1976 The U.S. Viking spacecraft discovered that the planet Mars
has a polar ice cap.
Sept. 7, 1977 Cindy Nicholas became the 1st woman swimmer to complete
a round-trip, nonstop crossing of the English Channel.
Sept. 10, 1978 President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation for the
1st Grandparents Day.
Sept 27, 1979 Congress approved the creation of the Department
of Education.
Sept. 5, 1980 Switzerland's 10-mile St. Gotthard Tunnel, the
World's Longest automobile Tunnel, opened.
Sept. 18, 1981 Bill Cosby became an honorary national chairman
for Pets Are Wonderful.
Sept. 22, 1981 The World's fastest train made its inaugural run, reaching
 speeds of 156 miles/hour on the 300-mile run, from Paris to Lyon, France.
Sept. 25, 1981 Sandra Day O'Connor was sworn in as the nation's first
 woman Supreme Court Justice.
Sept. 18, 1983 Adventurer George Meegan completed a 19,021-Mile
walk from the tip of South America to Prudhoe Boy, Alaska.
Sept. 1, 1985 The Titanic, missing since it sank in 1912, was found
12,460 feet below the ocean's surface, 370 miles south of Newfoundland.
Sept. 15, 1984 Montague, Mich., dedicated the World's largest
weather vane--48 feet high and 3,500 pounds.
Sept. 11, 1985 Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb's long-standing record by
 getting his 4,192nd base hit.
Sept. 23, 1985 The World's largest jigsaw puzzle-15,520 pieces was
 completed by the Monadnock United Way of Keene, NH.
Sept. 27, 1986 Paraplegic Jim McGowan attempted to swim
the English Channel.
Sept. 17, 1988 Solectria V, a Solar-Powered Car built by the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, won the 1st U.S. Solar-car race.
Sept. 13, 1987 Fred Rogers of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" left for
Moscow to appear on a Soviet Children's TV Program.
Sept. 20, 1988 A Police Dog named Ando leaped into the path of a shotgun
 blast and saved the life of his partner, a deputy sheriff in Indianapolis.
Sept., 25, 1988 The 1st Children's Bank-the 1st bank especially for kids-
opened at the F.A.O. Schwartz toy store in New York City.
Sept. 25, 1988 The Day Butterfly Center in Pine Mountain, GA opened.
Sept. 26, 1988 Marc Batard finished his climb of Mt. Everest in record
 time--22 1/2 hours.
Sept. 27, 1988 Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson became the
1st Olympic Gold Medalist to be disqualified for illegal drug use.
Sept. 29, 1988 Stacy Allison became the 1st American Woman
to climb Mt. Everest.
Sept. 29, 1988 The U.S. Mint issued coins to commemorate the
 launch of the shuttle Discovery.
Sept. 18, 1989 A U.S. astronaut and a Soviet cosmonaut met
with "Martians" in Mars, PA.
Sept. 19, 1990 The Library of Congress selected 25 movies for
 the National Film Registry.
Sept. 21, 1990 Biosphere II, the world's largest totally enclosed
environment, began its experiments.
Sept. 29, 1990 Construction was completed on the Washington
 National Cathedral.

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