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Day 180b

Sorry it has taken me so long, medical movement on my knee has interfered among other things. They are finally going to something about them and I found out I had Osteoperothis in it. They took X-rays and are trying to get an assessment done as well as some more medical help for Grandma is on the way. I will finish this tonight if I can stay awake. Keep in touch for the Summer ideas. Take care.
Feb. 28, 1901  Jupiter's South Tropical Disturbance was first observed.
Feb. 14, 1903 The U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor was created.
Feb. 7, 1904 A Fire in Baltimore destroyed 1,500
buildings in the city's business section.
Feb. 3, 1905 James Blackstone Bowled a 299 1/2 when half
a broken pin remained standing in the 10th frame.
Feb. 12, 1908 The First Round-The World Auto Race began in New York.
Feb. 12, 1909 The National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded.
Feb. 16, 1909 The First Subway Car With Side Doors began operation.
Feb. 17, 1909 The Chirichua Apache leader Geronimo died.
Feb. 8, 1910 The American branch of the Boy Scouts was established.
Feb. 9, 1911 The Lincoln Memorial was approved by Congress.
Feb. 12, 1912 Arizona became the 48th state.
Feb. 25, 1913 The Sixteenth Amendment went into effect, giving
Congress the authority to levy income taxes.
Feb. 12, 1914 Ground was broken for the Lincoln Memorial.
"The president on the penny: As your (children) know, Abraham Lincoln is depicted on the penny. Ask the kids what a penny can buy. Make a list. Then make a list of reasons for continuing or discontinuing the minting of pennies. Use a roll of pennies to give your (children) practice categorizing, graphing, and computing. First, have the kids separate the pennies into various groupings. You might have them divide the coins by date, by wear, or by degree of shininess.... make a class graph to show the results." ... (Finally, get out the calculators and have the children add the dates of a sample of 10 pennies. What is the largest total? Switch the penny samples to check the addition.)
Feb. 5, 1917 Mexico adopted its current constitution.
Feb. 12, 1918 All Broadway Theaters in New York City closed to save coal.
Feb. 21, 1918 A Chinook (a worm wind that blows down the
eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.) changed the
temperature in Granville, N.D., from -33° F to 50°F in one day.
Feb. 25, 1919 Oregon became the First State to Tax Gasoline.
Feb. 26, 1919 Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona
was established by an act of Congress.
Feb. 27, 1919 The American Association for the
Hard of Hearing was established.
Feb. 8, 1922 President Warren Harding had a
Radio Installed in the White House.
Feb. 27, 1922 Women Were Guaranteed the Right to
Vote by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Feb. 16, 1923 British archaeologists opened
King Tutankhamen's Treasure-Filled Tomb.
"Just like Indiana Jones: When Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon opened King Tutankhamen's tomb, they were dazzled by the treasures it contained. Tell your (children) that King Tut's tomb had remained undisturbed since the 14th century BC. Have the kids do a little mental math to figure out about how many years ago that was."
Feb. 5, 1924 Woodrow Wilson became the First
U.S. President Buried in Washington, D.C.
Feb. 22, 1924 Calvin Coolidge delivered the First Presidential
Radio Broadcast From the White House.
Feb. 4, 1926 John Giola became the Charleston Dance
Champ after dancing 22 1/2 hours straight.
Feb. 11, 1929 Vatican City, the World's Smallest Country,
was created. Its total area is 0.17 square miles.
"A little land: Challenge your (children) to compare the area of your (block)) with the area of Vatican City. They'll need to pace off the length and breadth of the (block) (and figure out how to calculate any irregularly shaped sections), multiply, and convert square yards to square miles."
Feb. 18, 1930 American astronomer Clyde Tombough
discovered Pluto(found to no longer be there; they thought there
was a planet they called Pluto but they discovered
the planet-Pluto is not there).
"Perfect pet names: Clyde Tombough selected the perfect name for his cat--Pluto. Have your (children) make a list of other scientists. What would be appropriate names for their pets? Why?"
Feb. 14, 1931 The original Dracula movie was released.
Feb. 4, 1932 The First Winter Olympics Held in the
United States began in Lake Placid, N.Y.
Feb. 27, 1932 The Neutron was discovered by
English physicist Sir James Chadwick.
Feb. 6, 1933 The Twentieth Amendment went into effect,
designating Jan. 20 as the date of presidential  inaugurations.
Feb. 10, 1933 Singing Telegrams were introduced.
"Tuneful telegrams: In celebration of the first singing telegram, have your (children) compose and deliver messages to different people in your (realm of friends). Start by making a list of lucky recipients. ... . .. . Then have the (children) decide on which familiar tune--"London Bridge Is Falling Down" or Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"--they'll use. Finally, have the kids compose lyrics personalized to the recipient--and schedule their delivery."
Feb. 25, 1933 The U.S.S. Ranger, the First Aircraft Carrier, was commissioned.
Feb. 2, 1935 The First Lie Detector Tests were given.
Feb. 22, 1935 Flying an Airplane Over the White House became illegal.
Feb. 1, 1936 A huge ice floe Blocked the Flow of Niagara Falls.
Feb. 5, 1936 The National Wildlife Federation was founded.
Feb. 15, 1936 Norwegian Sonja Henie won her Third Consecutive
Olympic God Medal in figure skating.
Feb. 13, 1937 The comic strip "Prince Valiant" first appeared.
Feb. 16, 1937 Dr. Wallace Carothers received a patent for Nylon.
Feb. 6, 1939 H.A. Rey's book Curious George was published.
"Monkey business: Celebrate Curious George's birthday by sharing a variety of monkey books with your (children). While the kids are examining the pictures, have them suggest adjectives that describe monkeys. After the list is complete, ask each child to select one adjective and write it on a card. Then, on brown construction paper, the kids should draw and cut out a monkey that matches their adjective. Meanwhile, cut vine like spirals from green construction paper and mount them on a (wall).Place each monkey--along with its accompanying adjective card--at the end of a vine."
Feb. 23, 1939 Walt Disney's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
won a special award for motion picture excellence.
"Disney delights: Have your (children) make a list of Walt Disney movies they've seen. Ask each child to select one movie and write a plot summary with a contemporary twist. For example: In this story a girl finds some strange but hard-working miners working their claim in a remote forest. She decides to organize their camp for a share of the profits. Later she is given a dangerous drug by a jealous drug dealer and lapses into a coma. Finally, she is resuscitated by a talented young doctor and lives happily ever after." (Then try to guess what movie they are trying to describe.)
Feb. 10, 1942 U.s. Auto Plants Stopped Maing Civilian
Cars for duration of World War II.
Feb. 29, 1940 The Movie Gone With the Wind received eight
Oscars at the Academy Awards ceremony.
"Movie critics: The 1939 movie Gone With the Wind won eight Oscars, including best picture, best actress, and best supporting actress. What are your students' favorite movies? Make a frequency graph to tabulate selections. Have the kids describe in their journals what makes a movie a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down." Then invite children who've seen recent releases to review them in your ... newspapers. ... videotape your (children's) "Picks and Pans" program see."
Feb. 19, 1942 President Franklin Roosevelt ordered Japanese-Americans
living on the West Coast to report to Internment Camps in remote areas
of the western United States.
Feb. 3, 1943 When the SS Dorchester was torpedoed off the
coast of Greenland, Four Chaplains gave their life jackets
 to others and drowned.
Feb. 9, 1943 The World War II Battle of Guadalcanal ended
with a U.S. victory ever the Japanese.
Feb. 20, 1943 The Volcano Paricutin appeared in a cornfield in
Michoacan, Mexico. It eventually buried the village of Parangariutiro.
"Mother nature at work: In 1943, in a cornfield outside Parangaricutiro, Mexico, a farmer noticed a 20-inch crack in the ground. The land around it had started to bulge and rise. Throughout that night, horrified villagers watched as ashes, cinders, and fumes spewed forth from the crack. Withing 10 days, the Paricutin volcano was 500 feet high, and its explosive sounds could be heard in Mexico City, 200 miles away. Challenge your (children) to identify the locations of some of today's active volcanoes and mark them on a wall map with yarn and informational cards."
Feb. 15, 1945 U.S. forces in the Pacific began their Invasion of Iwo Jima.
Feb. 23, 1945 U.S. Marines raised the Flag on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima.
Feb. 21, 1947 Inventor Edwin Land introduced 60-second
Photos with his Polaroid load camera.
Feb. 5, 1948 Dick Button became the First American to Win
an Olympic Gold Medal in Figure Skating.
Feb. 1, 1949 RCA Records issued the First 45-RPM Single.
Feb. 24, 1949 The First Multistage Rocket was fired.
Feb. 26, 1949 The First Nonstop Around-The-World
Airplane Flight took off from Fort Worth, Tex.
Feb. 28, 1950 The Diner's Club opened for business,
and the credit card industry was born.
"Prolific plastic: After Frank McNamara found himself in a restaurant without enough cash to pay his bill, he decided to set up a club so people could charge meals. He signed up 22 restaurants and one hotel to honor the first Diner's Club card. Within 10 years, there were 1.1 million cardholders. Today, 90 million Americans use 703 million credit cards. Tell your students that when a card holder doesn't pay off his entire credit-card bill in the given period, he has to pay interest on the unpaid balance. Have the dis use their calculators to figure out and compare how much interest a person would pay on a $596 credit-card balance over 2 months, 6 months, and a full year at interest rates of 12%,15%, and 18%." Next have the children figure the loan of a car at 1% interest and 3%, 4%, and 5% of a house. Then figure most credit interest today of 20% at $300/yr. and that of $2,500/yr. added 2 or3 times and they will discover the problem and difference from some years back.
Feb. 27, 1951 The Twenty-Second Amendment was ratified.
It Limits presidents to two terms.
"Presidential power: The Founding Fathers defined the office of president, but they didn't put a limit on the number of 4-year terms one person could serve. George Washington began the two-term tradition, and all presidents followed his example until 1940. Challenge your (children) to find out who broke the tradition. ... Then read the Amendment and ask each group to consider the following questions: What is a "lame duck"? Does a two-term limit lessen a president's power in his second term? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a two-term limit? What is a reasonable term length? Would one 6-year term be better than the current system? Why or why not?" 
Feb. 6, 1952 Elizabeth II became queen of England.
Feb. 5, 1954 The Wiffle Ball was first sold.
"Play ball!: When David N Mullany cut holes into one side of a polyethylene baseball, he'd invented the Wiffle Ball. Because of the drag created by its many holes, the ball couldn't be thrown or hit far, so it was ideal for backyard or street-corner games.
The Wiffle Ball curves easily when thrown, which makes it hard to hit. Its inventor thought the baseball slang term whiff--which means to miss a pitch--captured the essence of his plastic ball. Ask Your (children) to think of new brand names for some of their favorite toys or board games."
Feb. 23, 1954 Children in Pittsburgh public schools became
the first field testers for the Salk Polio Vaccine.
Feb. 2, 1956 Tenley Albright, who overcame polio at age 10,
became the First American Woman to Win an
Olympic Figure-Skating Title.
Feb. 4, 1957 The First Portable Electric Typewriter went on sale.
Feb. 11, 1958 One of the Most Spectacular Auroras ever
reported spread 1,250 miles across the Arctic.
Feb. 16, 1959 Fidel Castro became the premier of Cuba.
Feb. 1, 1960 The First Civil Rights Sit-In Demonstration was
held in Greensboro, N.C.
Feb. 15, 1960 Jerry Cobb became the First Woman to
Pass the Astronaut Test.
Feb. 16, 1960 The U.S.S. Triton became the First Submarine
to Circumnavigate the Earth Underwater.
Feb. 10, 1961 The Niagara Falls Hydroelectric
Project began producing power.
Feb. 20, 1962 John Glenn became the First American to Orbit the Earth.
Feb. 9, 1965 Martin Luther King, Jr. met with President
Lyndon Johnson to discuss Black Voting Rights.
Feb. 27, 1964 The city of Pisa asked the Italian government to
spend over $1 million to Straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Feb. 15, 1965 The New Canadian Flag was unfurled for the first time.
Feb. 16, 1965 Pegasus I, a satellite designed to measure potential
hazards of meteoroids to Spacecraft, was launched.
Feb. 21, 1965 African-American leader Malcolm X was
assassinated at a rally in New York City.
Feb. 10, 1967 The Twenty-Fifth Amendment was ratified.
It dealt with Vacancies in the office of president and vice president.
Feb. 10, 1968 Figure Skater Peggy Fleming became the only
American to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France.
"Multiple medal Winner: Besides winning his Olympic gold medals. Mark Spitz set 35 world records in his career. Despite his success, teammates sometimes criticized Spitz for his aloofness and cockiness. Ask your (children) if any of their friends ever expressed disapproval of something they did. How did the kids feel? how did they get back in their friends" good graces?"
Feb. 15, 1968 "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" premiered on PBS.
Feb. 29, 1968 Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell announced the first
discovery of a Pulsar, a star that emits regularly pulsating
radio waves, X rays, or visible light.
Feb. 9, 1969 The First Boeing 747 took off from Seattle, Wash.
Feb. 28, 1969 Apollo 9's lift-off was postponed because
the Astronauts Had Colds.
"No colds allowed: Astronauts must be in the best possible health for their missions. While in space, their bodies are subjected to various stresses and unusual conditions, so even a common cold could become a severe problem. Ask the kids to compare their performance on days they feel great and days they don't feel so well. Have them help you create a list of ways they can prevent colds and other contagious illnesses." (Knowing from Grandma's mom as a nurse and articles, Grandma wants people to know what doctors and officials do not tell you is that a little exposure to germs builds antibodies up so people are not easily sick. However, as this activity tells you, it is good to take medication and take it easy when you are sick because you can get sicker.)
Feb. 15, 1971 Great Britain converted to the Metric System.
Feb. 26, 1971 Kirt Barnes became the First Person to
Ice-Skate 100 miles in Less than 6 hours.
"Swift skates: Ask your (children) to figure out the average speed of a skater who covers 100 miles in 6 hours. Then challenge them to compute how far behind a second skater averaging 1.5 mph slower would be when the first skater crossed the finish line."
Feb. 16, 1972 Wilt Chamberlain became the first NBA player
to score 30,000 points.
Feb. 9, 1975 The Jaycees of Liberal, Kan., set a record for the
Largest Pancake Flipped on a Griddle. It was 12 feet in diameter.
"Fantastic flapjack: Have your (children) make a yarn circle with a 12-foot diameter to represent the record-setting pancake. Then have them use a small piece of yarn to show an average-size pancake. How many average-size pancakes would fit inside the record-breaker?"
Feb. 5, 1971 Apollo Astronauts Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell,
and Stuart Roose landed on the moon.
Feb. 7, 1971 Women in Switzerland were Given the
Right to Vote in federal elections.
Feb. 13, 1977 Eric Heiden became the First American to
Win a World Speed-Skating Championship.
Feb. 1, 1978 Harriet Tubman became the first black woman
honored on a postage stamp.
Feb. 18, 1978 A Cat Named Tiger returned home after walking 250 miles.
"Another incredible journey: Tiger the cat arrived home in Dubuque, Iowa, after a 250-mile journey from Wausau, Wis., where he was lost 8 months earlier during his owners' summer vacation. His owners were thrilled to see him again, but they wondered how their pet had crossed the Mississippi River.
...Give the (children) about 15 minutes to develop "Tiger's Tale--The Great Adventure Story," describing just how the cat did find his way home. Ask (the children) to perform ...of "Tiger's Tale." Then have the kids compile (the story) into a ... book...."
Feb. 1978 Basketball player Clifford Ray Saved the Life of a
Bottle-nosed Dolphin.
"Dolphin doctor: Dr. Spock, a bottle-nosed dolphin at Marine World USA in California, swallowed a 3-inch bolt accidentally left in its tank. A veterinarian tried to remove it from the dolphin's stomach, but his arm was 9 inches too short. Clifford Ray, a professional basketball player, volunteered his 3-foot 9-inch arm for the task. After about 2 1/2 minutes of groping inside Dr. Spock's stomach, Ray found the bolt and removed it. What mathematical comparisons can your (children) make between their arms and Ray's?"
Feb. 22, 1980 The U.S Hockey Team won the Olympic Gold
Medal by defeating the favored Soviet team, 4-3.
Feb. 23, 1980 American speed skater Eric Heiden Received
His Fifth Gold Medal in five events at the Lake Placid Olympics..
Feb. 2, 1982 Photos transmitted by the U.S. space probe
Voyager 2 revealed four to six previously Undiscovered
Moons orbiting Saturn.
Feb. 7, 1984 American astronaut Bruce McCandless took
the First Untethered Space Walk, using a jet pack to move
more than 300 feet from the space shuttle Challenger.
Feb. 28, 1984 Singer Michael Jackson won eight Grammy Awards.
Feb. 7, 1985 Bruce Morris of Marshall University made the
Longest Measured Field Goal in College Basketball History.
 It was 89 feet 10 inches.
"What a shot! Take your (children) to the gym and measure 89 feet 10 inches from the basketball net. What does it compare with Bruce Morris's record shot?"
Feb. 26, 1985 Thousands of farmers converged on Washington, D.C.,
to demand Economic Relief for Farmers.
Feb. 16, 1986 The World's Largest Cake was served to
300,000 people celebrating the founding of Texas.
Feb. 23, 1987 Supernova 1987A was discovered. It was the Closest
and Brightest Supernova to be observed in 385 years.
"Light-years away: A supernova is the explosion of a very large star. Scientists calculated that supernova 1987A occurred about 160,000 light-years from earth. They estimated that the star was "born" about 10 million years ago and was about 40 times as large and 100,000 times as bright as our sun. And it aged about 1,000 times as fast. Have your (children) use this information along with data found in an encyclopedia to develop a chart comparing 1987A and the sun."
Feb. 11, 1989 After 27 years of imprisonment, South African
black leader Nelson Mandela was released.
Feb. 15, 1989 Alfred Furrer, the last surviver of the
World War I Last Man's Club, died at age 97.
Feb. 15, 1990 Chelsea, a 2 1/2-year-old golden retriever,
Saved Her Master, who was being held at gunpoint.
Feb. 25, 1990 Violeta Chamorro was elected president of Nicaragua,
ending a decade of government by the Communist Sandinistas.
Feb. 13, 1991 A surprised librarian found Mark Twain's handwritten
 manuscript of the first half of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
"Precious find: Quite a surprise awaited a 62-year-old librarian rummaging through her grandfather's trunks, which had been stored in her attic for 30 years. In one of the trunks, she discovered the original handwritten manuscript of part of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn! If your (children) could see an original manuscript from a published author, whose would they choose and why? Have them trade one of their first drafts with a partner.  Can they learn anything about their (partner's) thinking by looking at that draft?"
Feb. 14, 1991 Carrie White, thought to be the oldest living person,
Died at the Age of 117.
Feb. 27, 1991 The Gulf War Ended as Kuwait City was liberated
and President George Bush ordered the cessation of all offensive
military actions against Iraq.

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