Day 1 of the Summer Session
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Day 1 of the Summer Session

Dear Folks:
Apparently Grandma was trying to get up to May 24 of the Calendar History, Book (1 ). However I guess I did not catch May 23 which is just as well. Therefore, I will cover it now.
The First birthday on May 23 is in 1707 when Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist and founder of taxonomy, was born.
 Next in 1734, Dr. Franz Mesmer, German physician who developed a treatment called Mesmerism, which is the basis of the word mesmerize, was born.
 In 1824 Ambrose Everett Burnside, American Civil War general whose whiskers on the side of his face were called Burnsides and later sideburns, was born.
In 1910 Margaret Wise Brown, children's author, was born.
The events that happened on that day began in 1785 when In a letter, Benjamin Franklin wrote about his new invention, Bifocal Eyeglasses.
In 1788 South Caroline became the eight state.
In 1873Canada established the Northwest Mounted Police.
In 1903 Eleven-year-old William Frederick Price became the Youngest Soldier to enlist in the British Army in this century.
In 1984 C. Everett Koop, the US surgeon general, said there was solid evidence that Nonsmokers can suffer Lung Damage from Inhaling Other People's Cigarette Smoke.
In 1989 An Italian Interior Designer named Stefania Follini climbed Out of the Cave in Carlsbad, N.M., in which she had spent the previous 130 days.  
Activities included on this day in Book (1) are as follows:
"Plant classifications
Have your (children) look up the word taxonomy in the dictionary. Then encourage them to walk through their neighborhood to observe flowering plants, writing careful notes and making detailed drawings of the specimens they find. Have them use these observational records and their research skills to find the scientific names of their plants.
A state by any other name
South Carolina is nicknamed the Palmetto State. Have your (children) investigate their state's nickname. How did the nickname originate? Invite the dis to create a nickname for their hometown, then write a silly story explaining how the name came to be.
(Along with this activity Grandma would like the children to find anything they can about any of the states and do as planning a trip to travel through each state on a very long vacation.) 
Selecting pseudonyms
Margaret Wise Brown wrote stories about feeling lonesome, getting lost, and acting naughty or silly. She wrote more than 100 books in her career, some published under the pen names Golden MacDonald, Timothy Hay, and Juniper Sage. Have your (children) each write a story using one of the topics Brown often wrote about. Then have them choose their own pen names. Why did they select a particular name?"
These should go along with the ideas Grandma gave you in the summer introduction. This is it for today.

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