Day 5 of Summer Learning
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Day 5 of Summer Learning

Sorry, it has been very hard for me to do lessons this summer. The material being is good though
and should lead in you in good directions. I planted cantelope along with peppers and they are
doing very well. I have told my husband I really feel people could grow a crop of cantalope really
easy. It starts just with the seed from the fresh and gives a lot of sprouts in one planting.
Grandma started with a unit on Lifesaversª in book (57) the other night and could not finish. 
Grandma has two more pages to finish it and she may add a small unit on peanuts then she will
move on into a section on Oceans, Hawaii for land and talk about the air, and water animals. We
will do a little on insects, more on animals, baseball, and finish up for the summer through the
Calendar History for summer. You can work on these units clear up to the end of August and then
my lessons will start up again. Grandma has not forgotten she needs to give you the books she used
on a list and give you stuff she gathered from Patricia's book.
This next page is called
"Be a Lifesaver: Know Safety Rules-
Read the rules found below and write S for safe and NS for not safe. ...,discuss why each of these
statements are or aren't about practicing safety.
_________Never check your bike to make    ________Cross the street at the light.
                sure it works.
_________Have an adult check your bike.     ________Always look left and right before crossing.
_________It is O.K. to ride far from home.     ________Look for cars before crossing.
_________Use the crosswalk when crossing  ________Cross when the light shows green or
                 the street                                                  says to walk
_________Tell your parents when you go       ________Cross when the light is yellow.
                 bicycle riding.
_________Never ask permission to ride your  ________Cross when the light is red.
_________Watch out for people walking.        ________Cross when the light is red.
_________Do not watch out for cars.              ________Do not walk alone at night.
_________Look out for dogs and cats.            ________Do not walk etween parked cars.
_________Stop at red lights.                          ________Never wear a seat belt.
_________You should stary close to home      ________Always wear a seat belt.
                 when riding your bike.               
_________Look right and left before crossing   ________Yelling in the car is fine.
                the street.
_________Ride your bike across the street.     ________Pushing in the car is fine.
_________Walk your bike across the street.    ________Never yell in the car or bus.
_________Do not show off on your bike.           ________Never throw things from the car.
_________Two people can ride on one bike.      ________Never throw things outside of the car.
_________Ride with the traffic.                         ________Keep your head, hands, and feet in
                                                                                    the car or bus.
_________Hand signals are not important.         ________Do not lock the car.
_________Do not walk on the sidewalk.             ________Wait for the school bus on the sidewalk 
                                                                                     or in the grass.
_________Always walk alone, never with an       ________Wait until the bus has stopped to start to 
                                                                                     get on.
_________Do not walk in the street.                  _________Do not sit still in the car or bus.
_________Cross using the crosswalk.                _________Always obey the driver of a car or 
This next page shows a girl with a Lifesaver as an intertube around her, flippers on as she stands
 on the beach of the ocean. Shells are on the ground and her hair is in pigtails. It shows a rainbow
across the back shaped as half of a Lifesaver and a Lifesaver in the sky with a big leaf behind it. 
Read the instructions well.
"Below  you will find a list of water safety rules. These sentences are grammatically incorrect.
On a separate sheet of paper, rewrite the sentences, adding correct capitalization and punctuation.
 Discuss with your family why each of these rules is so important.
1. you need to learn how to swim and float
2. you must obey the rules at the pool
3. do not run at the pool
4. do not swim without a lifeguard or an adult
5. obey the lifeguard
6. you should always wear a life jacket
7. you should go boating with a friend
8. go boating only with a skilled person
9. know special things about the ocean
10 you should swim where there is a lifesaving station nearby
11. never swim alone in an ocean or lake
12. swim with a friend
13. you can help your friend
14. your friend can help you
15. you should never show off
16. danger is not funny
This is all untill tomorrow. Take care. 

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