Whales con't.
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Whales con't.

     12.  Compare modern methods of capturing whales to those of the 1800s. Take into account that
      newer harpoons us   e an electric current to kill the whale quickly and easily.
     13. Much has been written about the ability of whales and dolphins to make sounds. Discuss some
      experiments and observations that have been made by cetologists. What do you think about what
      you read?
     14.  We are told that dolphins and toothed whales have the ability to perceive objects by
      echolocation What is echolocation?

  • Bouncing vibrations off objects and picking up the returning sound waves,like sonar.

      15. List some of the sounds cetologists say are made by these animals.

  • Trill, whistle, groan, shrill, burp, chirp, croak, squeak, grunt, moo, scream, yap, click

      16. Try to compartmentalize your information about whales as follows. Write three pertinent
      sentences about each age. Then write three questions about each age. Share with the(family).
       age of myths                          age of butchery                            age of protection
       age of the hunt                       age of threat of extinction
      17. Think about and tell your assessment off whale hunters who do not abide by the laws and
      agreements between nations and laws of their own nations concerning when, where, kind, and size
      of whales that might be caught.
      18.Can you imagine the output of physical energy (muscle pwer) that a whaler used one hundred
      years ago? What kind of person do you think the whaler was? What skills were necessary for a
      whaler to have?
      19.Do you think that whale-watching will ever become as popular as bird-watching? Why or
       why not? Give reasons.
      20. Would you like to ride a whale? Why or why not? Give reasons.
      21.  Things you can do:
  • Talk about whales
  • Collect articles about whales for others to read
  • Make scrapbooks of pictures to generate interest amog others
  • View films and filmstrips
  • Write to environmental protectionists for brochures about whales and other endangered animals
  • Ask questions to manufacturers of whale products
  • Write and act out a skit about two or more whale hunters getting ready to go on a whaling trip.
  • Carve wooden paperweights in the shape of whales
  • Make clay whales and fire them in a kiln for your "why-not" novelties.
  • Make a large papier máché whale and paint it a whale color.
  • Contribute to an organization,such as the National Wildlife Federation, which has crusaded to conserve the dwindling herds ousteau,Jacques and Philippe Dole. The Whales
  • Speak out against dumping toxic wastes and poisons into the oceans and others large bodies of water.
      22. Put your imagination to work and write a tall whale tale. Read it to your classmates. What part
      of your tale is possible today? Explain. What part is at present impossible? Explain.
      23. Why do you think that whales were created in the first place? Brainstormall the reasons you
      can think of. What do you think might happen to them one hundred years from now?
      24. What do you think would happen to the whales if most of the ocean water evaporated? How
      would the whales adapt to these living conditions? What happens to the whales when an
      underwater volcano erupts?

Bonner, Nigel. Whales. Blanfor, 1980.
Colliers Encyclopedia. Vol. 23, pp. 438-448, New York: McMillan, 1985.
Cousteau Jacques and Philippe Dole. The Whales: Mighty Monarch of the Sea. Doubleday, 1972.
(will finish the references next week when back in Omaha)

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Whales are smart and beautiful creatures that we do not see every day because unfortunately, they have become extinct and near to end. That is why we must start a campaign or join one about saving the whales from extinction. As an individual, avoid doing the things that could harm the sea creatures. Let us not dump toxic wastes, garbages and poisonous junks into the sea and ocean. Remember that making a small good deed is big enough to help the whales.

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