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Beginning of July's Summer Lessons

These activities are great if they can be utilized next summer because Grandma had so much trouble getting them to you. However, they can be infiltrated in Lessons now as part of lessons about Summer now and beginning activity to start the new year off.
July's big project for the month is all around the observation of July as Anti-Boredom Month. The children are to make lists with you for things that are in "three categories: fun for one, small-group fun, and large-group fun." Ok! So you ask how can I do that when it is only my children and me.

Rest of June for Summer

Grandma is ready to finish June's Summer Calendar History as follows:

June 18th Birthdays begin as follows:

June 18, 1942 Roger Ebert, movie critic, was born.

Book (1) gives an activity here called "Picks and pans-Have your (children) discuss the kinds of things critics like Roger Ebert talk about when reviewing a movie--for example, plot development, acting, musical score, originality, humor, suspense. Then have the kids read several movie reviews in the local newspaper. Afterward, show a film and ask each (child) to critique it, either orally or in writing.

More of June and the Circus

We left off in the History Calendar of Book (1) towards the end of June 15. The rest of the day into the 16th and 17th Grandma will cover along with lessons on the Circus in Book (1) and Book (57). Before lessons I want to add a note to parents in our Home Education Program of home schooling a few pointers. That is to make sure you have a line of some kind set up to attach notes of history on beginning with the time of dinosaurs and man through the Bible and into American History along with space for any other history needed.

Day 119


Day 108

Well Grandma got through the problems and she is going to be here! Upon carrying out our responsibilities of assignments, tasks, and work; children can carry out some Childrobotics, challenge them with their talents;
 whether it be some sport, singing or music, hair, make-up, fashion, care for children, cleaning, tinkering,
art or crafts; develop them as much as possible. Maybe it is socializing or talking with people, sales,
computer, typing, programming, science, working with animals. Let them have room to grow and do.

Day 65

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Disney's Las Posadas
Las Posadas was the story of a group of Mexican children who celebrated Christmas by re-enacting the journey of Mary, the mother of Jesus and Saint Joseph searching for room at the inn. "Posada" means...Something for Homeschoolers to look up through our Home Education Program at Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Cener.

Day 63

Grandma rested too much getting over this bug that had me down and now I am doing the lesson I am trying to set up in the daytime. I guess somethings a person just has to do what they can do.
I hope you are getting your chores done and anything that is necessary to do before lessons. Always remember cooking is learning also, especially for math. For those who sew or want to learn, easy pot holders, aprons, curtains, pillow cases, emboidering pillow cases or flour sack tea towels are fun for Christams.

Day 46

Dear folks, Grandma is feeling really good about the fact that people are gaining something from what I am giving. I hope I can keep pleasing your needs. I looked at the news today and became a little scared, yet people are opening up everywhere trying to make a better world for us. It all seems good to me. I can see people's upset with the churches. However, I am a little fearful of what might lead them. If they work together and monitor the good they are trying to build they will be ok. Churches have built their empires and want the people to pay for them.

Day 34

Hi! It is Friday and Grandma is finally getting ahead. As soon as you have all your jobs and tasks  done for the day you can engage in a prayer and study this section of the bible. Genesis 41:41-57, Genesis42, 43, 44, and 45.There was a great famine about to happen and Joseph becomes part of it.Faith Aliveask Questions and gives some answers as follows:
Did You know? 42:8 Why did Joseph pretend to bea stranger to his brothers? Joseph wanted to find out if his brothers realized what they did to him was wrong.

Day 22

Hi folks! Grandma hopes you are all doing well today. She got worried today wondering if she needed to send lessons into the states. They said no, that as long as she is not the one doing the teaching. They said parents could mention they are getting materials from her but it is not necessary. This is just to reafirm that you are ok in following Grandma in lessons. If anyone in that that other land out there can tell Grandma if there is any way to get pictures from "Pinterest" to here she would like to know so we can have some more materials to enhance the enjoyment of what we are doing.
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