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Day 170

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I Saw Jesus Coming On A White Horse
On April 9, 2010 I received a vision about Jesus coming as our Savior. All for Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center.
Revelationis Grandma's favorite part of theBiblebecause it really gives us hope in the future that God loves us enough that he gives us eternity in a beautiful city and could make the world whatever he wanted it to be.

Day 167

Hello Folks! Grandma has two last books on South America to cover with you. The second one has Arpilleras to make and I obtained a film about them. So link toArpilleras Informationand make one yourself if you wish.
The first book to read is calledLLama and the Great Flood: A Folktale From Peruby Ellen Alexander,New York: Thomas Y Crowell, 1989 about the country Peru.
The llama warns his master of a forthcoming flood and saves the family by taking them to a high peak in the Andes Mountains.

Day 166

Another lessons!  For this day Grandma is going to give you something on South America and an extra treat with the Video to end the season. Link toSouth Americaplus more.
From Grandma's book (2) it says, "South America is the fourth-largest continent. It is surrounded mostly by water. Only a narrow strip of land connects the continents of South America and North America. The Caribbean Sea is located to the north of the continent. The Atlantic Ocean lies on the east, the Pacific Ocean lies on the west, and the Drake Passage separates South America from Antarctica on the south.

Day 165

Good Morning Folks! Grandma will now give you things to do withStone Foxout of her book (4) about exploring mountain ranges and some experiments on Sound.
Stone Foxby John Reynolds Gardiner, illustrated by Marcia Sewall (HarperCollins 1980)
Little Willy lives with his Grandfather on a potato farm near Jackson, Wyoming. When Grandfather falls into a deep depression over his inability to pay the land taxes, Willy decides to help out by entering his dog Searchlight in the National Dog sled Race, where the first prize is $500.

Day 164

I am finally back to finish giving some more experiments on water called Buoyancy.I am skipping Interplay of forces and Inertia because I think I already gave them to you. I will add them at the end of the week when I check it out and make sure just in case. For now I will be giving you experiments on sound, light, and then some on illusions when I check it out also. By my notes I can't tell well enough.
The first experiment is called Loss of weight.Tie a stone by means of a thread to a spring balance and note its weight.

Day 161

The first Impressionist picture of Mary Cassatt for learning as explained in the Calendar History at the bottom of the blog.Good Morning! Grandma is going to be very busy the next few days giving you materials to finish lessons with. To begin with Grandma will give you the rest ofLittle House on the Prairieand move into TheGift of the Sacred Dog, Three Names, and Stone Foxfrom the Geography book. Then Grandma will give you some on South America and finish the Bible. She will also give you the months September, October, November, December for 1800's and 1900's. Then January and February for the 1900's. She will fit in 6 experiments for each of the days.

Day 160

Good Morning! Grandma is a little oozy from a bout with fever and chills along with constant sleep yesterday afternoon and into the morning. Not sure if it was from cleaning a dusty basement or something Grandma got else wise. I do not anymore of it for sure.
Grandma is going to start with the Calendar History, then do some science experiments, and start on some more things about the pioneers with one story possible.
May 20, 1851 Emile Berliner, American inventor of the flat-disk phonograph record, was born.

Day 158

Jasper John's creation for learning for our home schooling.
Dear  Folks:
Grandma has twenty to twenty-two more days of
information to enter. However, I will be entering it as 
two separate days in one day.  Be sure to finish up
reports here this next week along with your year
books; family scrapbooks, trees, and information;
recipes collected; information on animals, insects,
plants, planets and space; recycling; pollution;
older people; poems; jokes; riddles; art; math reviews;
spelling and vocabulary reviews; words, writing, alphabets; and anything else to finish up as the end

Day 157

Dear Parents:
Grandma is so sorry for all the problems. She hopes there will be no more in finishing up the material I want to give to you. I had the Calendar material typed up for the Calendar history typed up last week, but I all at once had connection problems which the new Internet service had to deal with and they thought it was their equipment but it actually all came down to a new rouder even though some other things had to be cleared up in the middle and they are so busy a technician could not come till yesterday.

Day 156

Good Morning Folks! Grandma has computer service again with the protection I need along with a Tablet to use. The World is definitely getting better. Grandma could not get it all finished till I was so tired last night. Decided it was better to enter information this morning and then add tomorrows lesson with it this afternoon. Please bear with me and we will get through.                                                     
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