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Day 161

The first Impressionist picture of Mary Cassatt for learning as explained in the Calendar History at the bottom of the blog.Good Morning! Grandma is going to be very busy the next few days giving you materials to finish lessons with. To begin with Grandma will give you the rest ofLittle House on the Prairieand move into TheGift of the Sacred Dog, Three Names, and Stone Foxfrom the Geography book. Then Grandma will give you some on South America and finish the Bible. She will also give you the months September, October, November, December for 1800's and 1900's. Then January and February for the 1900's. She will fit in 6 experiments for each of the days.

Day 160

Good Morning! Grandma is a little oozy from a bout with fever and chills along with constant sleep yesterday afternoon and into the morning. Not sure if it was from cleaning a dusty basement or something Grandma got else wise. I do not anymore of it for sure.
Grandma is going to start with the Calendar History, then do some science experiments, and start on some more things about the pioneers with one story possible.
May 20, 1851 Emile Berliner, American inventor of the flat-disk phonograph record, was born.

Day 157

Dear Parents:
Grandma is so sorry for all the problems. She hopes there will be no more in finishing up the material I want to give to you. I had the Calendar material typed up for the Calendar history typed up last week, but I all at once had connection problems which the new Internet service had to deal with and they thought it was their equipment but it actually all came down to a new rouder even though some other things had to be cleared up in the middle and they are so busy a technician could not come till yesterday.

Day 151

Good Morning! I hope all is well! Be sure to carry out tasks; Childrobotics; physical education of sports or dancing else health education of foods and recipes or body parts of eyes, ears, nerves, cells, chemicals, skin, sinuses, organs, bones, and muscles; Reading and Language of ABC's, words, vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure and parts; writing and Journals; Math, science projects; newspapers; yearbooks; and family scrapbooks as well as other projects.
For ourBible

Day 150

Good Morning Folks! I hope you had a nice Easter! Grandma would be ok if she would learn to save information early. I am retyping a lot of information for you that was typed earlier this morning for Monday's lessons. Therefore, I hope I do as well a job as it was before. Grandma is going to be giving you material in lessons from now on through the end of the year and on into the summer if possible. She hopes to cover material from Patricia's book and a list of her own books used.
Please keep up the work of your tasks; Childrobotics; physical education of (sports or dancing) or health education for the body as(eyes, teeth, ears, skin, bones, muscles, or organs, what give us the necessary nutrients, food, plants, etc.

Days 144, 146, 147, 148, 149

Good Morning Folks! We will be covering the lessons for Wednesday this week and Thursday. Grandma has been covering Ukraine and Russia. She gave you lessons for last week along with Monday and Tuesday. I hope you have been keeping up with your tasks for the last two weeks; Childrobotics; extra reading; language of ABC's, words, spelling, and vocabulary; writing and Journaling; Math (counting and using eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter hats, chicks, etc.); older children going into business should learn typing, algebra, bookkeeping, and calculators as well as all that is possible about computers.

Day 137,138,139,140,141,142,143

Sorry for loosing Grandma for awhile, she had lots of problems on her hands as two cars broken at the same time, a house full of goods to clean and put away as well as Microsoft loosing protection of Windows XP. It all seems to be under control now and Grandma is back to work. Please forgive her. She is going to drop the usual routine of introduction and begin with lessons for write now. I hope you continue with us and keep learning.
To begin theBiblelessons we will start with The Fig Tree Withers Matthew 21:18-22 through Matthew 28.

Day 136

 Good Morning! Grandma is getting done. I found out we had a little more time than I thought we had last
week. Remember your tasks; Childrobotics; language of ABC's, words, vocabulary, and spelling; Journal
writing; extra assignments; math work; science projects; any extra reading; Yearbooks; family scrapbook;
and newspaper.
In following the Book (1) Calendar history beginning with April 5th we have a birthday for Sir Joseph Lister,
English physician and planner in antiseptic surgery, born in 1827.

Day 130

Good Morning Folks! I hope your weekend was better than Grandma's. Don't forget to do your tasks for the day along with your assignments; Language; science experiments and study; writing; journals; yearbooks; family scrapbooks; math; newspapers; and some physical education or health studies. Just be sure to get some Childrobotics in there also before any physical activity is preformed well enough it starts the day good.
For March 30 from the Calendar History Book the first birthday is in 1746 of Francisco Jose De Goya, Spanish painter.

Day 127

Hello! Hello! Do you tasks, Childrobotics, Physical Education(by the way folks if do sports it might be best to hold them till the warmth of the day or until it is at a good time for your family to play. There is lots of children's games that can be played that are not the normal sports as we are used to. However, there is such competition. Grandma, her daughter, and granddaughter are all dancers therefore that is our sport. We are also swimmers in our family. However, Grandma children are also runners.
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