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Day 1 of the Summer Session

Dear Folks:
Apparently Grandma was trying to get up to May 24 of the Calendar History, Book (1 ). However I guess I did not catch May 23 which is just as well. Therefore, I will cover it now.
The First birthday on May 23 is in 1707 when Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist and founder of taxonomy, was born.
 Next in 1734, Dr. Franz Mesmer, German physician who developed a treatment called Mesmerism, which is the basis of the word mesmerize, was born.
 In 1824 Ambrose Everett Burnside, American Civil War general whose whiskers on the side of his face were called Burnsides and later sideburns, was born.

Day 152

Good Morning! Grandma is sending youSarah Plain & Tallmoviewith a lesson also; therefore, catch that link if you want it.
Grandma will finish the lessons on Sarah Plain & Tall that she started yesterday first. In book (4) under Language:
Delightful Dialects- Talk about "the incident in which Sarah teaches the children a "Maine word" for "yes" (ayuh). Discuss how people in different parts of the country, or even in different towns or neighborhoods in the same general area, may use different words to indicate the same thing.

Day 150

Good Morning Folks! I hope you had a nice Easter! Grandma would be ok if she would learn to save information early. I am retyping a lot of information for you that was typed earlier this morning for Monday's lessons. Therefore, I hope I do as well a job as it was before. Grandma is going to be giving you material in lessons from now on through the end of the year and on into the summer if possible. She hopes to cover material from Patricia's book and a list of her own books used.
Please keep up the work of your tasks; Childrobotics; physical education of (sports or dancing) or health education for the body as(eyes, teeth, ears, skin, bones, muscles, or organs, what give us the necessary nutrients, food, plants, etc.

Day 110

Good Morning Folks! I hope you had some fun yesterday and you are ready for a new day. Do your tasks for the day, Childrobotics, music, dancing or physical activity or you can use the health lesson Grandma will present today. Don't forget your writing, language-words, alphabet, sounds, sentence structure, yearbooks, journal writing, reports, extra reading, and newspapers as well as weather and news broadcasts.

Grandma will start with the calendar history of March 4 first.

The first birthday is in 1678 on March 4 of Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer.

Day 109

Good morning folks! We are starting on March lessons and ready to go with a new week. After doing your tasks for the morning, Childrobotics, music, dance lessons or physical education (which includes any health lessons), we will start on Grandma's lessons for the day.

Grandma wants to start with some science experiment lessons about Magnetism from her Book (12).

The first one is called ""Field lines";
Lay a sheet of drawing paper over a magnet-of curse you already know how to make a magnet-and scatter iron filings on it.

Day 97

Good morning folks! Work hard on all your assignments today, do your tasks, Childrobotics, music, dancing or sport for the day. Don't forget to do writing, alphabets, words, vocabulary, journal writing, yearbooks, family scapbooks, and newspaper work with cartoons if you can.
This is kind of a quite day for the calendar out of Book (1).
The first birthday for February 13 is all around the picture calledAmerican Gothic. The American artist, Grant Wood, was born in 1891 on this day. Book (1) says, "While driving through Eldon, Iowa, American artist Grant Wood was inspired by a house with a Gothic arch window.

Day 79

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Nutrition (Food ) Table Video for Kids-Food Pyramid -Heathy Diet
Visit http://www.makemegenius.com for free educational videos for kids. Understanding of Food-Pyramid,lesson for children. Now a part of our Home Education Program.
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Day 5

Childrobotics and Creative Dance-As we will probably do these excersizes in Grandma's Home Education Program but the Creative Dance will be changing daily. If your home school is for religous reasons I hope you are incorporation some prayer in your day. If not this would be a good time to do a prayer.
Today parents can talk to the children about what they have learned in dancing so far. Reminding them that the first two days they learned about space, that in dancing especially and anywhere we are around people we all have our amount of space and that is not intruded on unless meant to be.

Day 2

Day 2 Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center
As part of our Home Education Program do a daily excersize program with the children Grandma will call Childrobotix
Work into a what we call Creative Dance in which the music is played and stopped and the children must freeze. Explain to the children how space is all around us and we are just taking up part of that space. Go through it a few times. Have some fun with it.(30 minutes)
Birthdays-Themselves(Health) and History, Social Studies, writing and Reading


HOME EDUCATION PROGRAMAll learning of animals begins with our pets. Any child that has held one of these in there arms develops a love and understanding for animals, especially if they are taught to respect them as well.I am going to tell parents the basic learning for Grandma's Place for Natural Learning Center Home Education Program first. If you are involved in other lessons and happen to like mine parents should be able to substitute them for what they have, at least in our State you could.
Insects and Animals and the Internet
For whatever the learning may be do not forget to teach about the insects and animals. Grandma has some very special ways of bringing these things in children's learning.
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