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Insects lesson

Grandma is giving you a lesson for Insects from Book (57). There is something I want parents to understand. While you are starting your children with a new year of lessons, the public schools are having to test their children to see what level of learning they are at during this time. That gives you one advantage.

The Unit on Insects is as follows:

                                    "Bub Bonanza by Mary Ellen Switzer

Part of June's Learning for the Summer

Hopefully, I have no interruptions because Grandma wants to give you the rest of June's learning for the summer lessons. I found out yesterday that we can leave sooner than we were planning to go see my husband's father before he passes on. He is in his ninety's and was still carrying leaves from the plants and stuff to his small herd of cattle and a few horses he had grown to and called from the field everyday. He was strong enough to walk two miles each day if not more. A very interesting person to know.

Day 1 of the Summer Session

Dear Folks:
Apparently Grandma was trying to get up to May 24 of the Calendar History, Book (1 ). However I guess I did not catch May 23 which is just as well. Therefore, I will cover it now.
The First birthday on May 23 is in 1707 when Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist and founder of taxonomy, was born.
 Next in 1734, Dr. Franz Mesmer, German physician who developed a treatment called Mesmerism, which is the basis of the word mesmerize, was born.
 In 1824 Ambrose Everett Burnside, American Civil War general whose whiskers on the side of his face were called Burnsides and later sideburns, was born.

Summer Introduction

Dear Folks:
     Here are the beginning of the summer lessons I promised you. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get them started. I am having my share of problems this summer. Grandma is at the point she felt you better be told straight that she feels the public schools would have been better to have left the classes running later into June and start after Labor Day. She feels these kinds of things are easier on the children. That it does not make sense and makes things stressful.

Day 179

Here is the Calendar History Timeline and Activities for 1800 and 1900 of December.
Dec. 12, 1800 Congress voted to establish Washington, D.C.
as the nation's Permanent Capital.
Dec, 8, 1801 Ebenezer Cobb, who Lived in Three Centuries, died at age 107.
Dec. 24, 1801 The American painter and naturalist Charles Willson
Peale exhibited a Mounted Skeleton of a Mastodon.
Dec. 20, 1803 The Louisiana Territory was formally transferred from
France to the United States, which had purchased the territory for

Day 177

Good Morning Folks! On this blog Grandma will put October activities for the 1800's and 1900' on this blog.
"Confounded collectors: Tell your (children) these unusual words for collectors of different things: deltiologist (postcards), numismatist (coins), comiconomen-caricaturist (funny names of people, bibliophile (books). Have (the children) investigate the root words for these terms. Next, ask them what they collect. Is there a special term for people with those collections?

Day 171

Good Morning! Grandma is typing up May 23 of the Calendar History here and the experiments on Light from Book (12). Grandma forgot to mention that she will be typing up some more experiments for the Summer and Her Books she is using on separate blogs as well as finishing the material from Patricia. Look for it later into next week. For now we will finish these experiments and the school season history.
May 23 1707 Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist and founder taxonomy, was born. Book (1) says under Plant classifications, "Have your (children) look up the word taxonomy in the dictionary.

Day 163

36 more hours of material to end the season! Grandma is trying all she can. She seems to have family that do not seem to respect her or her home. Grandpa and I got it cleaned and I keep trying to push. Grandma figures 6-10 hours today, 6-10 hours tomorrow, 12 on Thursday, and 6 left on Friday, and we will have done it. Please bare with me. Grandma has some more experiments from Book (12) for you on this day: 14 on Liquids(which I may have already given you but we will repeat them) and 9 on Buoyancy.

Day 160

Good Morning! Grandma is a little oozy from a bout with fever and chills along with constant sleep yesterday afternoon and into the morning. Not sure if it was from cleaning a dusty basement or something Grandma got else wise. I do not anymore of it for sure.
Grandma is going to start with the Calendar History, then do some science experiments, and start on some more things about the pioneers with one story possible.
May 20, 1851 Emile Berliner, American inventor of the flat-disk phonograph record, was born.

Day 153 and 154

Well The car still had a problem. It was a little thin washer on the axel. We had bought two differential parts, and a part on the back of the transmission. This little washer may have been the problem causing everything else. I am not sure, but it made it where Grandma could not go to the library and work yesterday well enough two little step great grandchildren to entertain. What fun! I am sorry! Hopefully, this will be the end of our problems. However, Grandma will put the two days together again.
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