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More of Calendar History for Summer August

I read more of the blogs posted in, thanks for the added information. I found out many comments were placed in spam because they were articles to sell. Grandma is going to check them out she may be able to use some things if people want to cooperate with her. I am sorry! Grandma cannot wait until she gets to tell you more on real estate and decorating. Some very simple messages. I really did like the one on the sofa fitting. Grandma has a hard time deciding to move her sofa forward closer to the fireplace, giving space behind where a table is usually put.

Summer Introduction

Dear Folks:
     Here are the beginning of the summer lessons I promised you. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get them started. I am having my share of problems this summer. Grandma is at the point she felt you better be told straight that she feels the public schools would have been better to have left the classes running later into June and start after Labor Day. She feels these kinds of things are easier on the children. That it does not make sense and makes things stressful.

Day 161

The first Impressionist picture of Mary Cassatt for learning as explained in the Calendar History at the bottom of the blog.Good Morning! Grandma is going to be very busy the next few days giving you materials to finish lessons with. To begin with Grandma will give you the rest ofLittle House on the Prairieand move into TheGift of the Sacred Dog, Three Names, and Stone Foxfrom the Geography book. Then Grandma will give you some on South America and finish the Bible. She will also give you the months September, October, November, December for 1800's and 1900's. Then January and February for the 1900's. She will fit in 6 experiments for each of the days.

Day 156

Good Morning Folks! Grandma has computer service again with the protection I need along with a Tablet to use. The World is definitely getting better. Grandma could not get it all finished till I was so tired last night. Decided it was better to enter information this morning and then add tomorrows lesson with it this afternoon. Please bear with me and we will get through.                                                     

Day 150

Good Morning Folks! I hope you had a nice Easter! Grandma would be ok if she would learn to save information early. I am retyping a lot of information for you that was typed earlier this morning for Monday's lessons. Therefore, I hope I do as well a job as it was before. Grandma is going to be giving you material in lessons from now on through the end of the year and on into the summer if possible. She hopes to cover material from Patricia's book and a list of her own books used.
Please keep up the work of your tasks; Childrobotics; physical education of (sports or dancing) or health education for the body as(eyes, teeth, ears, skin, bones, muscles, or organs, what give us the necessary nutrients, food, plants, etc.

Day 127

Hello! Hello! Do you tasks, Childrobotics, Physical Education(by the way folks if do sports it might be best to hold them till the warmth of the day or until it is at a good time for your family to play. There is lots of children's games that can be played that are not the normal sports as we are used to. However, there is such competition. Grandma, her daughter, and granddaughter are all dancers therefore that is our sport. We are also swimmers in our family. However, Grandma children are also runners.

Day 119


Day 89 and 90

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"Tar Beach" by Faith Ringold - Book Trailer
A trailer for the book "Tar Beach" by Faith Ringold made for EDM 310 University of South Alabama. Created using Sony Vegas. Given to Grandma's home schoolers.
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Day 36

Good Morning! Two more days until the end of October. I want to cover Cental America so the children can learn about the Panama Canal before I go into Mexico because I have a lot of material to cover for Mexico before we can finish the American History and go into other contries. I also want to give you a lesson from Book (57) on Pizza since October is also Pizza month and we might as well have the one about spaghetti with it.
Before we go into Lessons, Grandma's routine is to get your chores, responsibilities, and tasks done before we start.

Day 33

Good Morning! Grandma hopes all is well.Once everyone gets their chores, duties, jobs, and responsibilities done. Don't forget your prayers today. We are reading about Joseph in the Bible, Let's Live it! inFaith Alivehas a special activity and message for everybody. It's talking about When Life Isn't Fair. It wants the children to draw a cartoon strip telling about a time life wasn't fair, but it wants them to leave two blank frames at the end. It says,"Life sure wasn't fair to Josephin Egypt(read Genesis 39:1-23.
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