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First off Grandma has had to make a couple of moves. She is working in two places and a new partner. A young woman by the name of Ruby who has not only gone to school for teaching but is a very good therapist

As you get into the updated site you are going to see many new changes as different connections Grandma has had opportunities offered; new and more products; New previews and exciting things to buy and opt into as well as good reasons to make contact and gain access. 

She will be contacting people that want to put on the site as T-shirts. Maybe you just want information about entrepreneur work or real estate investments. We will be here to give that information.

Thanks for visiting (Lessons)
We hope our Home Education Program helps parents through the teaching of their children and provides some extra avenues to carry out that job.

Our Home Education Program gives lessons on the following:
Animals, children, clothing, crafts, decorating, dolls, edible flowers, food, , houses, parties, plants, Social Studies, history, dancing, news, songs, music, writing, language, art, bridal, weddings, formal wear, GMO's, Monsanto, insects, organic, parents, recipes, Science, math, reading, writing, daily living, and arrangements. Grandma gives a little of her own experiences and insight. As a real estate investor or/and entrepreneur it gives people in our Home Education Program an advantage..

Sewing Purses--If you like the idea of it, Grandma has more ideas on sewing and the patterns of many items she can get with no shipping cost within the Product pages for our Home Education Program. Just go to the Product pages.

various bags or purses

 Grandma's Place is not designed as those companies offering a bunch of expensive materials done up to take money with a lot of fill in papers; then call themselves an education facility to cost the parent a fortune in costs. I don't know your feelings about these programs, but as Grandma will state in her blogs, She was taught in college that this was not the best type of learning.

We learned what type of learning is best for the children.Get signed up for the new year coming up. Grandma has many summer school lessons also.
However, these are for the child to remember things and enjoy learning. Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center is an education program in which the home becomes a place of learning. It involves doing things in a natural way as the video below shows. This is the way Grandma was taught learning is best in college. Grandma hopes she can offer the right guidance of direction and provide needs for parents that will make it easier. For instance: using posters, and designated areas help the learning while giving the children activities, and items to feel and do is better for the child. Grandma goes into more depth about setting it up in some of her blogs. We are putting a lot of learning set-up in one of the separate blogs to be asked for. We can give Lessons to you FREE. Just go to the Blog Subscription page and let me know what kind of lesson you would like. Feel free to enter yourselves as a guest in the Guest Book or talk to us through the Contact Page. Either way though we can communicate for your needs.

Following is an item to explore:

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This program is free to start  It is world wide. It was started by a guy not too far from Omaha, NE in what is called Lincoln, NE. They have all kinds of things for sale. It is a good place to start your marketing.

Go to the product page to see other items Grandma is offering at a price to help our Home Education, Look at this one:

Light up the night with this cool
7 Color LED 3D Owl Lamp/Nightlight 
find out more in the

 Go to About Us and the Biographies to learn more about our school. I will add your wants with myself and others through the Biographies and About us; (for you have become part of us.) Grandma has done many things this way to help keep us going. Everything shared between us can also be through the email now. It will be a lot better that way. We can now be sending each blog of lessons to you through the email.

The lessons are quite long and very intense. Especially for those of you new or those of a long time. I hope you enjoy them.  I am putting a lot of learning set-up in one of the separate blogs to be asked for. We can give lessons to you FREE but you must send me your email and needs through the Blog Subscription page. go to the Contact page or the Guest Book and let me know what kind of lesson you would like. 

.You must go to the Blog Subscription page leaving your email and name for me to send the lesson to you. There is a part there for comments also, make good use of it. Get signed up for the new year coming up. I have many summer school lessons also.

We will be contacting people interested in putting on the site as T-Shirts or wanting more information on sewing, real estate or entrepreneur work.

Grandma hopes she has a high-quality home education program that serves the customer satisfaction.  She will do everything she can to meet parents needs. With a variety of offerings to choose from as cooking and right food choices, crafts and sewing projects to teach by, learning to decorate while studying colors and what they do with different styles, measuring for math, along with all the basic learning about themselves including other health factors, history, social studies, reading, writing, basic math science. We're sure you'll be happy working with us. We have connections to products of different affiliates later and information delivered to you by Grandma. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us either through the contact page or by telephone at 928-219-9914, dialing 001 internationally. Grandma is in Mexico a lot so one must dial 01152192829199114 (we are now living here in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, MX) or 0115419282919914(la Joyita) unless in Mexico then dial direct. Grandma does have service or voicemail. This may change the times we are traveling in Mexico. We will try to let you know when.
Grandma also wants to serve parents in guiding them through some of life's perils as shopping, looking nice, having fun, satisfying needs. Another one of Grandma's specialties in helping parents and providing for their needs is in buying real estate or investing. Some of these extras that Grandma does are to maintain the function of the website to provide for the needs at Grandma's Place Of Natural Learning Center. Following is her Facebook message email.

Our email for Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center is

Another business to check out is as follows:

Notes on page "Go to http/"  (Web view)

That is also what you use to join us  to learn the program. Just let us know so Grandma can give you a good lesson. She does want you to know that Joel Therien's program is a very good program proven by many people in the program. Grandma wants to get other young people in the program so many do not have the problems she is facing in her 60's. For if she had listened to her doctor at that time and took fiber she may not have had some of the problems she is having as Gassitis,. She may not have had to face cancer, osteoporosis, and weight gain from surgery. So you may want to take it a little serious. If you do not want to look like this the rest of your life you better get in his program.

 Grandma will have more soon. She will be posting again on Facebook soon. Grandma likes marketing  and is hoping to work on weddings in SFI soon. Grandma has been telling many as she can for she is lacking in people to know about SFI. She has other affiliate connections; besides Joel Therien and his health program with GVO as well as Pure Leverage, Mobe is asking her back,She is trying to get Anthony Morrison's program on the site. She has done two real estate investments herself and trying to help others. She does know what property to look for and invest in. She likes to decorate and have had six to teach. She has learned to sew and other crafts and extended her own clothes from surgery. If we left something out we are sorry.


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Natural Learning
Originally aired on CHAT TV (21Mar2011); now a part of Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center.

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